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"Your home should be your zen garden; full with serenity and inspiration. A sanctuary dedicated to  visual beauty and harmony. From your surroundings, to your clothing, to the items incorporated into your everyday routine: all should present you with nothing but pleasure, ease, and efficiency."



Ksenia Lavrentieva (also known as Kay Lovelle) is a British actress/TV personality of Eurasian descent. Known for her numerous appearances in British TV series’ (IMDb), as well as working in reality Television for E-entertainment. 

Born in the former communist state of Georgia, Tbilisi, to a renowned dissident Georgian artist and one of Russia's most revered actresses. 

Ksenia has worked and traveled on both sides of the Atlantic in film, television and commercials, working with creatives as diverse as David Cronenberg to Dr. Dre.


Her efforts as an advocate for Veganism inspired her appearance on the reality TV show, Big Brother (UK) in the hope of presenting a plant-based lifestyle as more approachable to a mainstream audience and raising positive awareness for the cruelty free movement. Ksenia was also featured in a BBC Documentary, "Hayley Goes Vegan," that highlighted her work as an advocate for vegan friendly fashion and organic/cruelty free beauty.


As a form of her activism and advocacy, Ksenia founded The Bio Fashion Vible; an informative directory/resource for all things ethical fashion and Biofabricaton. BFV also exposes issues involving the practices of animal use in the fashion industry, as well as providing educational information on the sustainable, cruelty free alternatives that are set to be the future of fashion. 


The accumulation of Ksenia's love for all things sustainable, cruelty-free, and minimalistic, has sparked her desire to spread "the code" for a simpler, happier lifestyle. A lifestyle which is far too often neglected and overlooked in our current climate. Ksenia has a genuine thirst for guiding people towards their desired outcomes regarding organisation, productivity, and efficiency, allowing them to gain back some more control over their lifestyle - whilst keeping unnecessary stresses at a minimum. When implicated, "the code" is designed to improve quality of life, whilst cutting back on the hazards our planet and its inhabitants are having to battle increasingly. 




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Professional organising of household spaces and objects. Implicating methods of minimalism, while presenting ways in which your home can become a “green home”; using eco-friendly, cruelty free methods that are ethical and sustainable. Your surroundings are a reflection of your internal states, and by managing your space you are enabling yourself to manage life with ease, grace and control. This increases clarity and productivity, while simultaneously serving the planet and all of its inhabitants.





Conscious Lifestyle Concierge; Professional Organising Consultancy Service

The K Code challenges the existing status quo and represents a plant based lifestyle as modern tech innovation and the new desired conscious cool. The plant-based lifestyle and sustainability awareness is growing exponentially. Consumers are becoming more consciously aware in what they are buying into when it comes to their health/wellness and the moral/environmental effects further down the chain. Ksenia uses her expertise and inside knowledge in assisting this essential personal transition. By using a gentle approach and carefully curating the best plan forward for each individual, she opens people up to the new technologically advanced and unorthodox brands and companies to take care of their every need. This service is ideal for anyone who recognises the importance of change, that will ultimately serve ones highest good; minimising daily toxic exposures and carbon footprint. "I wish to attract dedicated goers as well as the curious to further discover the world of alternatives without compromising on comfort, opulence, luxury and style; from fashion, to health & beauty, to food, to the complete Eco Chic Lifestyle I've got it covered!" Ksenia